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The Yariv family dreamed in turquoise of a holiday vacation in the Maldives, and landed on the paradise cliché that came true: blue sea, white sand, lots of water activities and accommodation in wooden cabins in the middle of the ocean. Although not everything was as clear as the sea, they marked “V” for perfect escapism

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So we all went on our dream vacation in Turquoise during the Tishrei holidays. The destination: the Maldives. It is customary to divide the Maldives according to weather conditions: the dry season and the wet season. We took a bet and arrived at the end of the wet season. It should be noted that even in this season, with the exception of light monsoons, the temperature is high.

The flights were carefully chosen and the Emirates company provided the goods: beautiful and modern planes, a fast and convenient connection in Dubai and another small upgrade of the location to the premium class that the children received, because the television screens in the seats in front of them did not work.

We landed in Male, the capital of the Maldives and one of the 200 inhabited islands in the republic. Our destination: Club Med “Kani”, for which we paid with the best of our money almost 3,000 dollars per person, including flights, for a week in the premium cabins on the water. From there, in an Indian/Maldivian rhythm, a representative of the club tries to collect as many tourists as possible to the island. Waiting for a boat to pick us up to sail to the resort. All in all a fairly quick procedure. We already received all the plans in advance from the club’s app and what can be done there, order, eat, dance and more, and the children made plans according to the schedule of the week we were there.

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Club Med occupied two islands about half an hour’s cruise from the airport, and the convenience of arriving by speedboat was efficient. As soon as we docked, we arrived at an Instagram postcard picture as you will see in any advertisement accompanied by some beautiful harpsichords. After arrival, we toured the resort with the G.O in charge of our side, who gave a quick briefing of what can be done everywhere on the island, including opening hours and additional treats in the premium area that we paid for in advance. And of course, how is it possible without a welcome from the Chef de Village with a big smile and the muttering of a few words in basic Hebrew.

We booked two cabins on the water, which certainly delivered the goods: a bathtub overlooking the turquoise water,
White sands and a terrace with pampering sunbeds, including going down the stairs to bathe in the blue-greenish water. Already in the first minutes of the sun, we of course took photos that make every acquaintance/friend/colleague on social networks laugh. And the number of likes increased at the same time.

But not everything is sunny in the Indian Ocean region. Strong winds, surprising monsoon rains and stable weather of 30 degrees with a constant humidity of sweat, told us that we were in a tropical area. In addition, high clouds pretty much spoiled our first two days at the resort, but we understood that we had to take advantage of every day and enjoyed what we had.

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The attractions of the water sports are varied and multiple – from cool surfers, through diving and snorkeling with or without oxygen balloons to sailing in kayaks and catamaran. The club’s G.O’s looked like they were taken out of a Benton commercial – in all colors and types and from all countries. On the first night, we were woken up by an alarm at four o’clock in the morning – and instilled in us a post-traumatic feeling of another round in Gaza. After several repeated beeps that did not stop, we collected the children from the cabin next door and in the end we ended up with four people in a double bed. The alarms came from uncalibrated fire detectors, according to the local G.O.