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In Europe they are already putting on coats and preparing to take out the gift stands, the concert stages and the barrels of mulled wine for the Christmas markets that will open next month. So here are the 20 best Christmas markets on the continent. Special guide

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The Europeans are already walking around with coats against the cold that October brought to the continent, and in about two or three weeks it will be possible to see illuminated Christmas stands full of gifts, traditional foods and performances in the central squares of almost every city.

A dizzying array of Christmas markets are offered every winter across Europe, and the biggest question of all is which ones are considered the best. The website European Best Destinations conducted a comprehensive survey, which included hundreds of thousands of surfers who chose the most recommended Christmas market. Here are the top 20 of them.

Budapest, Hungary
The first place on the list went, for the second time, to the Christmas market held in the Basilica of Budapest. Here you will find more than 100 art and food stalls, including delicacies that are only available here. The special atmosphere is completed by a light show that is projected every evening on the front of the basilica. On top of that, the organizers of the fair support various charities, which brings real added value to the experience.
Mark your calendar: from November 18 to January 1, 2023.

Basel, Switzerland
Every year, Basel’s Christmas market makes its way to the list of the most beloved events of its kind. Beautiful Basel is worth a visit all year round, but in the run-up to Christmas the city is more glamorous and decorated than any other time. About 100 tall and illuminated pine trees line the streets surrounding the market and lead visitors to its heart. It is recommended to visit both the market in the city center and the one held in the old city.
Mark your calendar: from November 24 to December 23, 2022.

Metz, France
For 10 years it has been included in the list of the best Christmas markets in Europe, and is even considered by many to be the most beautiful Christmas market in France. The market in the city of Metz offers unique activities, including the “Lantern Trail”, a giant wheel and many stalls offering local products. All this alongside creators, designers (including Philippe Starck), artists and fashion designers. It is recommended to enjoy handmade souvenirs and gifts and taste the abundance of foods.
Mark your calendar: from November 18 to December 24, 2022.

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Vienna, Austria
From mid-November until Christmas, Vienna’s most beautiful squares are transformed into magical Christmas markets. These are combined with the aromas rising from the Christmas bakeries and the hot punch. The recommended market is the one held in the town hall square, which turns the space into a glittering fairytale land, with Christmas gifts, tree decorations, sweets and warming drinks. It is also recommended to visit the “cultural market” held in front of the Schönbrunn Palace. It offers traditional handicraft items, concerts and workshops for children.
Mark your calendar: from November 19 to December 26, 2022.