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About Us

Roobet Travel was established in 1952 and is currently a leading tourism concern in the Israeli market. Roobet Travel specializes in providing services in the field of tourism, vacation and leisure, including reservations at airlines and hotels, vacation packages, organized trips, cruise packages, car rentals, assistance with entry visas and more.

Roobet Travel , operates both as a wholesaler and as a retailer of travel services. Also, the company is the sole representative in Israel of a number of leading international travel companies, as part of its efforts to provide a comprehensive and comprehensive service (“one stop shop”) to its customers.

Roobet Travel won in 2010 for the fourth time in a row as “a company that organizes the highest quality tours” according to “the state’s test” (Geocartography Institute survey). The company was also noted as having “the best consumer behavior” in relation to other companies in the tourism sector (according to the Public Trust Report – 2010).

Roobet Travel Retail
Roobet Travel provides all travel services to individuals, groups and organizations from its 35 branches scattered from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat. The branches also include service centers in companies and institutions. Our customers also have at their disposal a telephone reservation center, one of the most advanced in its field in Israel, and a website that allows receiving information and ordering online.

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